International races

London Marathon – One of biggest marathons in Europe, perhaps even the world. Over 30000 starters, split between three different venues, and over five million spectators lining the route, the race is televised worldwide – Continue reading

Country Music Marathon – Nashville – USA – The 16 000 throng was out to have a party. It was a race of festive proportions. The music belted out, the upbeat man on the mic at the start knew how to whip up the crowd’s enthusiasm – Continue reading

Rio Marathon – BrazilThis was going to be a marathon battle of epic proportions. Because the race was point-to-point, we were bussed to a place 40 kilometres out of Rio de Janeiro – Continue reading

Hong Kong Marathon – We ran out of Kowloon and into the New Territories. It was starting to rain hard when I reached the Cheung Tsing Tunnel. The climb up to the turning point on the Tsing Ma Bridge was strenuous – Continue reading

Rotorua Marathon – New Zealand – The marathon in Rotorua was washed out. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it had rained in Africa, it had pissed in Europe, and now this, driving rain in New Zealand – Continue reading

Antarctic Marathon – the start – “Good morning, good morning” the now familiar voice waking us for the big day. Eight in the morning and it was still dark – Continue reading

Comrades and Antarctica – worlds apart, so similar – The stark backdrop gives a dramatic atmosphere to one of the harshest of marathons, the ninth Antarctica Marathon and Half Marathon – Continue reading

Antarctica MarathonA starter’s gun would be unthinkable at this race. No more than 100 athletes may gather – Continue reading