Stories from the road

The four stages of a runner – Spend time running and you will change and develop. A novice runner is very different from an experienced athlete – Continue reading

Tell the generations that follow – Over its one-hundred years of history the Comrades Marathon has been suspended for two catastrophes.  Both worldwide events, both posing a grave threat to mankind – Continue reading

Running is not a spectator sport – The people who are the happiest are the people who are most involved – Continue reading  

Red Sock Friday –  “If we make it out of this war alive.” Sidney Feinson’s eyes shone in the dark with intent “I swear I will wear red socks every Friday to remember what happened at Tobruk.” – Continue reading

Comrades medal on the C.V. – It speaks volumesThe good that Comrades does is not only restricted to those who have won – Continue reading

We ran in the 1904 Olympics – Tau and Mashiani did their country proud, finishing ninth and twelfth respectively, but that is not where the story ends – Continue reading