Comrades Marathon training – January 31 to February 27

Based on training schedules of the late Don Oliver, Comrades Coach. Adapted and edited by Tom Cottrell.

During this period we will be training for a 15 kilometre race at the end of February. Avoid thinking about getting an early qualifier for Comrades by doing a standard or an ultra before Easter. It doesn’t fit in the programme at all. You will qualify in a standard marathon in early to mid-May, as you sail along the Comrades training programme for 2022.

You can go to a Time Trial this month (February) and start measuring your time on an accurate course each week. At this stage you should manage 8 kilometres in 42 minutes. You can extend the time of your Sunday Club Runs to about two-and-a-half hours, just learning to relax and take it easy. It’s called “time on your feet” and it’s good for Comrades. You can start looking at some of the other runners in the club, find out their Comrades times and think about what time you can go for the Comrades later in the year.